From newsletter to blog

Our blog has been up a little while now, and as planned it’s here to stay. We felt it would be the right thing to do to tell you a little more about why we stopped with the newsletter. And why we chose to present you our news through a blog instead.

What started the newsletter

The TSM Newsletter was intended as a medium for communication and engagement. We needed a way to reach out to our users in our own way, with our own words. That’s exactly what the newsletter was. A way for us to tell you what was happening, no matter if it was about TSM, or something else in the goldmaking community.

Why we’re choosing a blog now

But as with all things, improvement is always possible. Over time, we learned that a monthly newsletter has its constraints. News is quickly old if covered somewhere else, and there wasn’t much TSM specific news that fitted a monthly newsletter setup.
For a while, newsletter became a chore to make, rather than an outlet for us. Don’t misunderstand; it was still fun. It just didn’t feel like we were doing what we set out to do. We came to realize that for what we had in mind, we needed something less strictly scheduled, something like a blog.
The blog will allow us to send out information and interesting stuff the moment we have it, rather than having to wait for the next ‘scheduled moment’. It will allow us even more freedom with the topics we choose, because there will be categories. You can find the news you find interesting, while easily skimming over others that don’t quite tickle your fancy.

Where to find old newsletters

Sometimes it can be fun to read something old. To remember how things were, or a funny thing that happened way back. We’ve always kept the newsletters text somewhere, because of those very reasons. We’ve collected them all and set up this page for you, where you can find links to all of our old newsletters.