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TSM 4.10: New Sources

This is the first in a series of TSM 4.10 feature highlight blogs. Today we will introduce the new Price Sources and Value Sources, and new places you can use them in 4.10

Operation-Based Price Sources

When you’re setting up Auctioning Operations for example, you might have already set up a preferred maximum purchase price in a Shopping Operation or vice versa. We thought it would be beneficial to leverage those prices in other Operations so in TSM 4.10 there are new Operation-based Price Sources available.

In the example, your Maximum Purchase price from a Shopping Operation can be referenced as shoppingopmax. If you’ve assigned an Auctioning Operation to a group, the Minimum, Normal, and Maximum price can be referenced as auctioningopmin, auctioningopnorm, and auctioningopmax respectively.

Additionally, if your Sniper Operation differs in Maximum Purchase price you can reference this with sniperopmax. Now you can buy things for less than your Minimum Auctioning price, or post things for more than your Maximum Purchase price!

Smart Average Buy Changes

A lot of you make use of the ‘Smart Average Buy’ setting, which sets your Average Buy price according to the number of the item you currently hold. In TSM 4.10 this will become its own Price Source in the form of SmartAvgBuy, independent of AvgBuy.

If you currently have none of a particular item, then SmartAvgBuy will be invalid for that item. However, if you have ever purchased the item then AvgBuy will return the average of all purchases.

Personal Sale Rate

A common request we receive is to expand the Region Sale Rate values to specific Realms. We would certainly love to do that but there’s just not enough data to provide something meaningful. Having said that, we believe in making use of the data we do have and the next best thing is your own data. From your own Accounting Data we can calculate your personal Sale Rate and you can reference this as SaleRate in TSM 4.10.

Inventory Data

Sometimes you want to change your action, or make a decision based on how many of a particular item you have. Perhaps you might buy fewer if you already have a large stock, or you’d pay more if you don’t have many on hand. The new Value Source NumInventory represents your total inventory quantity of a particular item. This will include your bags, the AH, your bank, mailbox, alts, and guild bank.

Using The New Sources

Many Operation settings only allowed integers, such as buying 500 items in a Shopping Operation or making a maximum of 20 items in a Crafting Operation. We felt this was quite restrictive for goblins that had mastered a lot of TSM configuration, so in TSM 4.10 we have converted these fields to accept Custom Strings.

This also applies to Auctioning Operation settings, including Post Cap, Max Expires, Keep Quantity, and Stack Size which will all accept Custom Strings.

For some simple examples, now you can set a lower Post Cap based on the new NumInventory Value Source, or Craft more of an item if the DBRegionSaleRate is greater than a certain threshold with a Logic Function.

On a related note, the Auctioning Operation Post Cap limit has also been increased to 50,000 from 5,000 in Retail WoW.

Finally, to help with editing all of these settings we have also implemented some improvements to the input fields of Operations. If a Custom String is invalid, the field will be highlighted red and will prevent you from pressing ‘enter’ to save it. Previously this would have cleared the field, but your progress will persist and allow you to double check your input and close any parentheses.

Further Reading

Our Knowledge Base has been updated with all of the available Custom Strings including Price Sources, Value Sources and Functions. You can reference the documentation and find some examples while you’re configuring your addon.

Sign up to the TSM 4.10 Beta!

We’re sure you’re excited to check out TSM 4.10, and we certainly can’t wait to start the Beta testing phase. You can sign up for a Beta invite by visiting our Registration page, or guarantee your access the moment it starts with a TSM Premium membership.

As always, join us on Discord to participate in the #discussion of TSM 4.10 and share your feedback!

Auction House Throttling

We’d like to extend our thanks to the gold-making and TradeSkillMaster community for sharing constructive and polite feedback after the changes to the Auction House were announced earlier this week.

At that time we made the decision to push an update to TSM that disabled the TSM Sniper functionality in the Retail version of the game, in the hope that Blizzard responded to our requests to engage in discussions on how we can contribute to improve the Auction House for everyone.

Blizzard continued to make adjustments and finally confirmed publicly that their initial implementation of ‘Throttling’ has been significantly relaxed.

It is worth noting that there has been a throttle of 100 searches per 60 seconds since patch 8.3 went live. This would have appeared as your TSM scan pausing for a while, but importantly would not have impacted posting speed as the recent throttling did. We believe the fact that people are just now noticing this shows how slow the Auction House has been since 8.3 launched, and how much faster it is now that Blizzard have reverted or relaxed the more recently implemented aggressive throttling.

At this point in time, we plan to re-enable Sniper with TSM4.10 as we have still not heard back from Blizzard. However, we remain absolutely open to working with their team to address any concerns they are willing to share regarding TSM functionality or implementation. As we’ve expressed in the past, we are prepared to make changes to TSM, including permanently removing the Sniper feature to help improve the AH for everyone. We hope to hear back from them soon on these topics.

TradeSkillMaster v4.9.36 Changelog

TSM v4.9.36 has been released! If you are running the TSM Desktop Application (and have TSM4 installed), you will be automatically updated momentarily. Otherwise, you can download directly from our site here: (or wait for it to show on CurseForge/Twitch – which may take a few hours).

[Retail Only] Blizzard has made significant changes to throttle Auction House activity, on the basis that using addons is harming the game. TSM Sniper has been disabled in the hope that Blizzard responds to requests to engage in discussion on how the TSM Team can contribute to improving the Auction House for everyone. Please consider sharing your feedback (politely) on the official forums: (Locked)
New thread:

Known Issues

TSM 4.10 Change Log

We’re very excited to share the following work-in-progress list of changes you can expect in TSM 4.10. Over the coming weeks we’ll deep-dive and highlight some of these new features in future blog posts.

You can register your interest to participate in the upcoming TSM 4.10 beta test by visiting this sign-up page, or guarantee instant access once it’s available with a priority Beta invite through TSM Premium. There is currently no date set for when the Beta phase will begin.

We would love to hear your thoughts on what you’re most excited about! You can join the discussion in Discord, or Tweet us @TSMAddon with hashtag #TSM410

Addon UI Customizations

  • The UI is now much more customizable, including the following:
    • You can now select between a few different themes to change the color scheme of all TSM windows.
    • Scrolling tables can now have their columns resized and hidden.
    • Vertical dividers can now be dragged to resize the left/right content.
    • In selection lists (i.e. group item lists and Auctioning “Post from Bags” list) now allow for dragging with the right mouse button down to quickly select multiple rows.
    • All UI state and context (i.e. collapsed / expanded groups, divider position, table context, etc) is saved between sessions.

General Features

  • Account syncing has been updated to include Accounting sales and purchases.
  • Filter strings now support a max quality (i.e. /armor/uncommon/epic).
  • Throughout TSM, there have been a ton of optimizations (especially around UI performance) and minor fixes. Some of the bug fixes are detailed below:
    • Fixed error with Skillet + TSM loaded.
    • Fixed recording of incorrect commodity purchase quantities when not using TSM to open mail.
    • Fixed a bug where the “Destroy Next” button would get stuck.
    • Fixed various issues when buying commodities via Shopping / Sniper.
    • Fixed the auction purchase message to properly show the item / price.
    • Fixed issue with Auctioning not posting the right quantity of commodities.

Price Sources

  • There are new operation-based price sources available:
    • auctioningopmin, auctioningopmax, auctioningopnormal, shoppingmax, sniperopbelow
  • A new SmartAvgBuy price source has been added alongside the existing AvgBuy price source to replace the previous “Use Smart Average for Purchase Price” setting.
  • A new SaleRate price source has been added which represents your personal sale rate.
  • A new NumInventory price source has been added to represent your total inventory quantity.

Auction House

  • The Shopping tab of the auction house has been renamed to Browse and the various auction tabs have been reordered.
  • Browse scans now show browse results as they are loaded, and allow for pausing to quickly buy items before the entire scan finishes.
  • Auctioning scans can now be paused/resumed to post/cancel items before the scan completes.
  • The “even stacks” option has been removed from Shopping/Browse as it is no longer needed with the new commodity system in 8.3
  • The Bid and Buyout confirmation window with Browse and Sniper can now be added to the TSM macro.
  • You can now quickly cancel your own auctions from Browse (retail only).
  • The Crafting search mode has been removed from Shopping, and replaced with the (pre-existing) “/crafting” filter option.
  • The default commodity purchase quantity will now be more intelligently set when doing certain Shopping searches (i.e. gathering).
  • The My Auctions UI can now be sorted (retail only)
  • Favorited Auctioning searches can now be renamed


  • Various Auctioning operation settings (post cap, max expires, keep quantity, stack size) now accept custom prices.
  • Restock quantity settings within Shopping and Crafting operations now accept custom prices.
  • The Auctioning post cap has increased to 50k for retail.


  • The crafting queue will now be sorted by profit (after whether or not you have the mats needed to craft things).
  • Recipes can now be favorited within the Crafting UI to allow for easy access.
  • Material costs can now be easily reset to the default value.
  • The crafting tooltip will now show for all craftable items, even if the crafting cost isn’t currently valid, to allow for more easy debugging of missing mat costs.


  • You can now search for any item in the game and easily add it to a group via the new Base Group UI.
  • A group with multiple operations can now have its operations easily be reordered by clicking and dragging them.


  • The gold graph on the dashboard is now much more interactive and provides significantly more detail.

Destroying / Ledger

  • The Destroying UI now allows for selecting a specific item to destroy next, and shows the expected results at the top of the UI.
  • Added a “Total” column to the Sales and Purchases tabs of Ledger
  • Added total and % profit columns to Resale tab of Ledger