TradeSkillMaster v4.6.10 Changelog

TSM v4.6.10 has been released! If you are running the TSM Desktop Application (and have TSM4 installed), you will be automatically updated momentarily. Otherwise, you can download directly from our site here: (or wait for it to show on CurseForge/Twitch – which may take a few hours).

* Implemented further loading time optimizations to fix errors some users with large amounts of Accounting data are seeing.
* Fixed visual glitch with Auctioning UI.
* Fixed bug with task list not crafting the correct number of crafts which create more than one item.
* Added 180 and 360 day options for removing old Accounting data.
* Fixed bug with sales / purchases not being properly saved.
* Fixed error when running a cancel scan with many auctions posted.

Known Issues