TradeSkillMaster v4.6.3 Changelog

TSM v4.6.3 has been released! If you are running the TSM Desktop Application (and have TSM4 installed), you will be automatically updated momentarily. Otherwise, you can download directly from our site here: (or wait for it to show on CurseForge/Twitch – which may take a few hours).

* Added a new “baseitem” keyword which can be used as a price source paramater in custom prices (i.e. “dbmarket(baseitem)”)
* Made some optimizations to group-based Shopping scans to not scan items with invalid max prices
* When posting via Shopping, you can now easily change the variation of the item being posted
* Linking an item into shopping will now prompt you to sell that variant by default when posting
* Multiline edit boxes will now scroll with the cursor to make it easier to edit large strings
* Fixed a bunch of issues with relationships across operation settings
* Fixed disenchanting rates for scaled items
* Fixed an issue where WoW would freeze while using various TSM UIs
* Fixed various issues with using the Banking UI to move items in and out of the guild bank
* Fixed a bug with importing while “Moved already grouped items” was disabled
* Fixed a bug where importing a list of items was creating a new “Imported Items” group
* Fixed a few issues caused by the recently-mapped global prices
* Fixed a minor typo in the tooltip settings UI

Known Issues