TradeSkillMaster v4.7.9 Changelog

TSM v4.7.9 has been released! If you are running the TSM Desktop Application (and have TSM4 installed), you will be automatically updated momentarily. Otherwise, you can download directly from our site here: (or wait for it to show on CurseForge/Twitch – which may take a few hours).

* Fixed an issue where sales/buys wouldn’t get saved correctly in some cases, while logging out with visible Mailing UI.
* Custom posting will gracefully fail when the selected/searched item can’t be found to post it.
* Fixed an issue where changing the ‘ignore item variations’ option in groups wouldn’t always post the correct item until the next bag update.
* Fixed an issue where custom prices would error out with fixed gold values.
* Preventing various elements from storing bigger gold values than the current gold cap.
* Battle pets stored in the guild bank will have their quantities shown correctly.
* Starting a crafting search will properly store that search as a crafting one.
* Preventing errors on empty crafting and disenchant searches.
* Fixed an issue where the Great Deals search wouldn’t start properly with crafting search selected.
* Various other smaller fixes.

Known Issues