TradeSkillMaster v4.7 Changelog

TSM v4.7 has been released! If you are running the TSM Desktop Application (and have TSM4 installed), you will be automatically updated momentarily. Otherwise, you can download directly from our site here: (or wait for it to show on CurseForge/Twitch – which may take a few hours).

* Various Mailing UI state (such as excess gold options) is now saved persistently
* Added the ability to collapse or expand all groups via the “more” menu for various group trees
* Expanded / collapsed state of import / export group trees is now persistent
* Greatly improved the usability of various multiline input boxes and added them to more places (such as custom price settings in operations)
* Accounting buy / sell prices will now properly apply to base / specific versions of items
* Added new bonusIds from 8.1
* Added error message when trying to add the same operation twice
* Fixed bug with “Clear” button in Mailing Send UI
* Fixed various errors while posting via Auctioning
* Fixed bug with importing groups without items
* Fixed filtering of import / export group trees
* Fixed bug after entering invalid Shopping search
* Fixed error when selecting rows in Sniper
* Fixed various UI issues around dragging frames and scrolling within them
* Fixed error during Auctioning cancel scan
* Fixed various issues with sending mailing
* Fixed translations not properly getting updated from Curseforge and added some missing phrases

Known Issues