TradeSkillMaster v4.9.20 Changelog

TSM v4.9.20 has been released! If you are running the TSM Desktop Application (and have TSM4 installed), you will be automatically updated momentarily. Otherwise, you can download directly from our site here: (or wait for it to show on CurseForge/Twitch – which may take a few hours).

* Fixed issue with destroy price source giving incorrect results for craftable items
* Improved UX around invalid filter-based Shopping searches
* Fixed issue with setting up account sync not working
* Added validation that the craft value within a Crafting operation does not reference the crafting price source
* Fixed issue with logging out switching profiles
* Fixed a memory leak in the Vendor UI
* [Retail] Added workaround for Blizzard 8.3 bug with Jewelcrafting which was causing fps issues with TSM
* [Retail] Completely overhauled how TSM interacts with the 8.3 AH APIs to improve reliability and logging

Known Issues