Announcing the open Beta and the TSM Task List

We’re very excited to roll out the next version of the TradeSkillMaster 4 Beta.

We’re so excited, that we’re inviting EVERYONE to check it out! As of today the TSM4 Beta is accessible to everyone as soon as you sign up for an invite as part of the TSM4 Open Beta. This will begin our final steps towards the official release before Battle for Azeroth, and we’re looking forward to have as many of you participate as possible to help iron out the final issues and bugs.

Please note that TSM4 is still not yet a fully finished product and there is a small chance you will encounter issues or bugs that we are looking to resolve from your feedback and reports. If you’re not ready to get involved in that kind of process you may be more interested in checking out the public release coming Soon™.

If you’d like to dive right in, you can sign up right now and download the TSM4 Beta immediately!

Bank UI


The first major update in this Beta release is the Bank UI which has been given the TSM4 treatment. You’ll notice it has the familiar structure from TSM3 but with added TSM4 functionality including a more robust Group Tree and added search bar, plus a progress indicator when moving items between your bags and bank or vice versa.

Handling your items and moving them when you need them is an important aspect of your gold-making strategies so we’ve gone under-the-hood to speed everything up. Depositing and withdrawing is much more efficient in your personal and guild banks, despite the known issues on Blizzard’s side.

We hope you can make use of the various shortcut buttons such as moving everything in a selected group to your bank or bag, moving everything not in the selected group, moving items that are missing from the Auction House according to your Auctioning Operation to your bags or even depositing all of your reagents to your bank. Whatever your desired move strategy, we’ve got you covered!

Mailing UI

One of the final aspects of the TradeSkillMaster interface to receive a face lift and be brought in to the new design environment is the Mailing UI.

We’ve made sure to maintain the lightening-quick responsiveness of the mailbox, and keep things familiar with the structure of the interface. However with the added TSM4 functionality and quality of life improvements you’ll get a much better idea of what’s in your mail at a glance. The interface is also re-sizable and move-able!

You can now filter the mail on the first page, to find the specific item you’re looking for plus the new TSM4 Group Tree is also introduced when you’re selecting the items you want to send to your alts. Amounts paid for purchased auctions and gold earned from auction sales are also much more clear, with color-coded highlights indicating when your mail is set to expire completely.

In addition, we’ve also made it possible to send regular mail through TSM! This has been a long time coming, so we had to make sure it was done properly. There’s now a really handy ‘Contacts’ address book, which allows you to quickly select an alt, friend or guildmate without needing to set up a Mailing operation for a one-time postage.

Task List


We’re super excited to introduce a brand new tool to the TSM addon suite called the Task List.

As the name implies, this new feature will help you manage your daily, one-off or recurring tasks such as Profession Cooldowns, gathering for your crafting queue and shopping to restock some items. The Task List will combine the functionality of Smart Cooldowns and Gathering from TSM3 in the first iteration.

This is a very early version of what we envision to be a powerful aspect of the TSM tool set, and we hope the introduction of it now will form a solid foundation to build upon and introduce more functionality in the future including multiple character task tracking, or other ‘reminders’ based on your Auctioning or Crafting Operations.

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the Task List, what kind of tasks and activities do you track for your gold-making strategies and how can the Task List help with that?

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  • This looks like an amazing ui with a bit of minimalistic feel to it, thanks for everyone who worked on this.

  • Dear developers!
    BIG thanks for this update!
    Cause non-english realms are now supported (at least RU-ones).
    Thank you!

  • The idea of the task list is smart; remembering my daily CDs and such – but it totally ruined gathering for me. I’m considering returning to TSM 3 now

    • We’re aware that some of the interactions between gathering and task list still need tweaking. Was there are particular issue you were having?

      • I can’t seem to get the gathering part of task list to work with my guild bank – not even when it is the first priority for gathering. After a week I’ve gotten used to using every other part of it tho

  • Out of curiosity, have you thought about expanding the task list to include things like dungeon/raid lockouts (for farming), daily quests (or world quest farming for something like BoS missions), or custom tasks we could write and repeat?

    Doesn’t need to be implemented now, just a possibility for the future 🙂

    • We’re totally open to expanding the tasklist to support other use-cases. Custom tasks have definitely been considered! As soon as we dial in the experience to work solidly with our core features we’ll then move on to expanding the scope of tasklist. Thanks for the comment!

  • Not sure how “we had to make sure it was done properly” even made it into this blog post in regards to the new Mail – there are some missing features that actually tell the contrary of “properly done”. The Send tab doesn’t even have basic functions such as right click the item in bags to attach to the mail, or auto-complete recipient names. It’s really convoluted and (sadly) terribly slow in this “properly done” way you guys implemented it. Hoping it will be addressed at some point in order to become a “properly done” module.

    Please consider adding a setting for auto-mail gathering when clicking on the mailbox for the first time and let the users manually configure the value for mail gathering speed – these are just some of the features that make addons such as MailOpener very useful to use.

    • Appreciate your comment, we’re definitely working to address the issues you’ve mentioned. Its beta, we’ll get there 🙂

  • Can’t wait to see this in action, hope it’s a little bit faster in loading stuff than tsm3.

  • With Task List is there a way to set up a set of mats for those who actually gather? This would take information from TSM Banking or whatever module it is that keeps track of what you have in bags/banks etc and then allow you to set goals of gathered materials i.e 200/1000 ghost iron ore and when you go and mine more this number would tick up. Allowing you to set a goal of the X ammount of mats needed to post/craft with and then have a list that helps to check off as you do. This would be for those that not only posted crafted things through TSM crafting but also those who post raw material as well. Integrated in with your crafting queue and you would have a powerful gathering suite for any hybrid crafter/mat poster

    • While we haven’t looked into that specific use-case, the beauty of the new task list feature is that it could be made to support multiple “tasks”. The current aim is to have it support core TSM features (cooldown management, gathering tasks, etc.), making sure the interactions and use is bulletproof. Then we’ll start looking at other use-cases that we can support. Thanks so much for your suggestion!

  • How long we gotta wait, been over 12 hours and still cant get an email for invite

  • Well done all, it’s starting to take shape!

    I have a couple of qualms though.
    1. Some feedback when sending mail would be good – TSM3 would tell me the recipients when doing the automated mailing function.
    2. Some way of defaulting the professions ui to either TSM4 or Blizzard – I have addons for the Blizzard frame that I’ve got used to – I just can’t seem to get used to the TSM4 skin for the professions window (and I’d love to hide the crafting queue sometimes!)

    It’d be nice to have a chat panel or log specifically for TSM4 operations and such so that I could easily see what I’ve done in the current session!

    Cheers and keep up the excellent work!!

  • I like the idea of the task list very much, however I personally think the font is too large and would love a way to change it. In addition to that when I do a complete restocking of my leatherworking, it very easily runs off my screen and there is no way to scroll to the bottom so instead it just runs right off the bottom of my screen, anyway to set a bounding box with a scroll bar on the task list would be welcome.

  • At least for me, the link to sign up for beta is broken. I keep getting a message saying the server is resetting the connection.

  • I like the Mailbox, but however when i go to mailbox to open the blizzard mailbox opens also. i would like to disable it but when i close an error shows up.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, we’re still improving the experience of the task list as it pertains to vendoring. Look for more updates on that soon!

  • How do you get the task list in TSM4? I had several daily CDs that would pop up automatically in TSM3, but they don’t show up now in TSM4. When I do /tsm tasklist, it says I have no items in the list. Thinking about rolling back to TSM3 until the bugs get worked out. Also, mailing groups fails quite a bit where it will leave items unmailed even though it was working great under TSM3.

    • Be sure to check what cooldown’s you have set to ‘ignore’. You can find that information under the ‘Crafting’ tab in Settings. If that doesnt fix it, please consult the list of known issues and document it if not already known. Again, we’re working hard to address any an all bugs while consistently improving on the experience. Thanks for your input!