New TSM4 Beta Version and Invites!

The TSM4 beta is always evolving and today we have some updates to share with you. We’ve been working hard to get TSM4 closer to release. While there is still a lot of work to be done, we’re excited to share our latest progress. There are a few big new features that we’ve been focussing on and will go through in this blog post.

New TSM4 Beta Features


Moving functionality from TSM3 to TSM4 is a big part of the massive project that is TSM4. Importing and exporting of groups and operations are features used by many of our users on a daily basis. There are many enhancements planned for the export feature in TSM4, and we’ve made great progress towards implementing our vision for an awesome export feature. With this latest update, we’ve implemented the brand new TSM4 export UI which makes it as easy as possible to export groups and operations. This is a feature which we will continue to build on and improve as we get closer to the release of TSM4.

Main UI Settings

Many pieces of TSM4 are still in TSM3 placeholder mode. In this update, we’ve removed the TSM3 placeholder settings and replaced them with the new, fully-implemented TSM4 equivalent. With the various settings there are to configure TSM, we’ve had a real good look at our settings window and completely reorganized the settings tab. Navigating to find the setting you’re looking for might take some getting used to, but should feel far more intuitive.

Shopping Advanced Item Search

The shopping advanced item search UI was in an interesting situation where it was inheriting the TSM4 looks, but it hadn’t actually been fully finished from a UI perspective. With this new update it’s been rewritten and you’ll see that everything looks much better and aligns with the overall look and feel of TSM4.

New Beta Invites

TSM4 is a massive project, and it’s great to see how many people are already enjoying using it as part of their gold-making routine. At the same time our beta testers have been sending many bug reports our way, which help out greatly in ensuring that TSM4 will be as stable as possible once it launches. With the big new changes we’ve announced above, we’ll be pushing a staggered wave of invites over the course of the next seven days to get a bunch of new people into the beta to try them out. If you haven’t signed up for the beta yet, you can do so here to reserve your spot in line for future beta invite waves.

In short, TSM4 is constantly evolving, and we’re spreading the love by sharing some great new updates with you as well as sending out our biggest wave of beta invites yet! If you like what we do and would like some extra functionality, please consider becoming a TSM premium user. It includes priority access to all of our betas, including TSM4.

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  • I would love to do some trsting on TSM4 since I love TSM3 and I can’t wait to do some youtube stuff about it 😉

  • Are you going to add back in color customization? It’s the only thing really holding me back from switching. The default gray and yellow looks so bland compared to the rest of my UI.

  • TSM4 seems better designed than TSM3 and I will be very happy to test it.
    Checking only the others comments is not enough to feel, if it is easy to use.

  • Good progress though, I do like the setup and liked the parts of it that I could use. It seems to be working pretty smoothly. Also, will there be an option to open it to a tab other than the dashboard?

  • New to TSM family and having started using TSM3 it was to overwhelming where to start despite the countless videos watched. When I saw TSM4 screenshots I could tell straight away that it would make my life easier, the layout is just fantastic. I’m really beginning to find my feet a now as I spend time with it. It’s slow going but I feel like I’m heading somewhere now and not just swimming around a mass of confusing options. Still a long way to go get, I am looking forward to the next series of tweaks of TSM4. Good job so far!

    • Agreed. I am excited about the new TSM4 and the invite was requested. I too am a newer to TSM user. Need to get used to the new interface and master it into advanced stuff. Excited I have some new hobby to try! 🙂

  • TSM4 has made a huge leap towards ease of use and it’s become really simple for anyone to earn some extra gold. I love the interface and also the “A.I” that actually does a LOT of work, but at the same time it’s fully configurable.

    When I started out with TSM I got amazed. It’s a game in it-self and I forgot bout WOW. I didn’t need the gold, but some depend on it to pay the monthly fee. So it’s a win/win for everyone. 🙂